Aamir Khan likes Golden Kela Awards!0 Comments

By Zeny D’Souza
Posted on 17 Mar 2011 at 10:09pm

Aamir Khan

Why he likes Golden Kela Awards because other popular awards in Bollywood are ‘rubbish’. Do you want us to name them?

Aamir Khan while talking to the press expressed his appreciation for Golden Kela Awards because the award honours the worst, and is thus much honest. According to Aamir, others awards are ‘rubbish’ and ‘sold’.

The actor didn’t stop here and further continued with utter ease. He said, “Like someone recently gave the Best Actor award to Shah Rukh Khan.” According to him Salman should have won for ‘Dabangg’ or Ajay Devgan for ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’.

Shahrukh Khan has won Golden Kela Award for worst performance as an actor in ‘My Name Is Khan’. Perhaps, Aamir’s comment is another chapter to their just-in-good-humour banter.

Don’t we know they love to take potshots at each other!

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