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By Zeny D’Souza
Posted on 10 Oct 2011 at 9:34am

Don’t Dare Watch ‘Rascals’

Don't Dare Watch 'Rascals' - Movie Review

Don't Dare Watch 'Rascals' - Movie Review

Though the movie opened to a huge response thanks to three stars – Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt and David Dhawan, does it have, as we say the cinematic feel so that we can sit for three hours and think only of the film and nothing else. Well, viewers and critics have a terrible feel after watching the film. Read on to find it:

Tripti Gulati, who is a student of Mass Communication, says it was mindless, jabardasti hasi dali gayi hai, while Ankur Gupta, an IT professional, who loves madcap comedies, says, it was a bad film, with no sense and sensibility.

We even picked up some of the great reviews of the film. Read on:

In fact the film looks like one long excuse to let the camera ogle at semi-nude female figures in Thailand and Bangkok. The laughter, if it was ever intended, is strictly incidental.” writes IANS.

Gaurav Malani of the The Times of India writes, “Yunus Sejawal’s screenplay is inconsistent, convenient and uneventful. It lacks the imagination or wit for some real exciting clash between the male leads. One can easily see through most of the worn-out gags. Sanjay Chhel’s synchronized rhyming dialogues are occasionally funny but seem forced otherwise. You laugh more on the corniness of the scenes than the comedy per se.

Terrific Mayank Shekhar’s review in the Hindustan Times is more fun than the actual movie. He writes, “ This one defies a film. You just lose interest after a while. As do the filmmakers. At some point, out of the blue, they just abandon the whole project, start replaying scenes from the picture, everybody begins dancing together, friends and foes, Anthony Gonsalves, Bhagguji, Chetooji. You wonder what’s going on again. Credits start rolling. Nonsense ends. Poof. Thank you.

Taran Adarsh, who hardly feels anything bad for any movie, writes. “On the flip side, in the second half, there are some unnecessary sequences that only add to the length in this over the top comedy.

So, we suggest watch ‘Rascals’ at your own risk and if you wanna laugh, guys and gals, sitcoms hai na..

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