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By Zeny D’Souza
Posted on 26 Oct 2011 at 10:04pm
RA.One Review

RA.One Review

All these days you were being fed on everything that comes with the tag name RA.One. Now is the time to know it which is someone else’s sweet fruit of extreme hardwork, passion and hopping, jumping to various places in spite of back problem. Amidst much fanfare and at the time of Diwali releases Shahrukh Khan’s biggest film till date and that’s RA.One – India gets another superhero! Ah! The first was Krrish(Hrithik Roshan wala)…Did you forget!

BollywoodFrenzy brings to you what RA.One promises. Diving straight to the film, we will scan it for you.. infact..and will give you ten reasons to watch it.

The intellectuals with no kids can obviously miss it and the Tamilians staying in any part of India, don’t take seriously how Shahrukh Khan is speaking Tamil, his good friend Juhi Chawala was fine and better in the movie Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke. Anyway, no worries, as the movie has a Tamil version too.

Straight to the reasons….Watch it of course for Shahrukh Khan! And, then Arjun Rampal.

The movie features fair to middling CG effects, but to the movie’s glory it’s best..yes Indians would love it.. aakhir apni picture hai yar.

Kareena Kapoor’s Chammak Challo song, visually the song looks awesome on big screen, and that explains why it’s a Bollywood film with romantic songs, dance numbers and shoo-shaa. Don’t expect much of Kareena as in this level-to-level movie, she is the one with limited access, means seen in a few parts.

The rapidly moving second half when the movie gains momentum, some of the scenes will take your breath away. Director Anubhav Sinha has done commendable job, managing and directing such a big film needs brawns man!

As we said, watch it for Arjun Rampal. The actor has surely evolved from stone-faced model-turned-actor. His entry shakes you: he is super powerful, super cool and super handsome. And it’s disheartening, but again we would say he looked better in a super villain avatar than Shahrukh Khan’s superhero version.

Watch the movie also for a great 3D experience. RA.One is visual delight!

Ghazab sound effects – If there is great CG then it has to be supported with the awesome sound effects..boom! Oscar award winner Resul Pookooty of Slumdog Millionaire fame has taken good care of it. See, listen and feel the tremble of awesome sound effect.

Don’t expect a great storyline, remember the biggest hit ‘Avatar’ came also with nothing great, except what you say the unbeatable 3D experience.

Forget that you have ever watched a hardcore action Hollywood film, then you can surely enjoy RA.One to the fullest.

At last, the train sequence, glimpses you have already seen in trailer..But it’s surely jaw-dropping and tremendous..

Go catch it before it’s too late because others might have seen it already and discussing RA.One might spoil everything.

Rating – 4/5 (One extra point for the indelible courage the actor-producer has shown in making the film)

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