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By Zeny D’Souza
Posted on 12 Nov 2011 at 1:56pm

Rockstar opened well at the box office thanks to amazing songs by AR Rahman and Ranbir Kapoor. But all are not so pleased with the movie, but there are some who couldn’t stop singing praises. So what makes it the movie of the moment, read on:

Mayank Shekhar of Hindustan Times has immensely liked the movie, well he is a touch man to impress. Mayank writes, “From its start, to the way it progresses, you can tell, the film’s been through various stages of editing and several second thoughts. Sometimes the patchiness shows. It’s a stretch. Anything that’s 18 reels long (close to three hours) in a flickering world of low attention spans would be. Something fizzles out towards the end. You still don’t begrudge a movie that’s been this engaging, entertaining thus far. Oh, and did I forget. This is the best soundtrack of AR Rahman’s since Delhi 6 (early 2009). The compositions should grow on you. So should this film, surely.”

Bollywood Hungama rated movie 3/5 and Taran Adarsh writes, “On the whole, ROCKSTAR does not live up to the confidence and expectations from the otherwise very skilled and accomplished film-maker Imtiaz Ali. The film suffers immensely due to a disorderly screenplay, especially in its post-interval portions. However, the silver lining or the comforting prospect is the virtuoso performance by Ranbir Kapoor and the captivating score by A.R. Rahman.”

The popular Times of India critic Nikhat Kazmi says that the film is “an absolutely engaging affair.” He even said Imtiaz Ali the “new age Yash Chopra” she added that “love literally smoulders under his narrative, albeit in a completely modern idiom.” Rating the movie four out of five, Kazmi further said that the highlight of the film was the “high tension” and “high-on passion” between the two protagonists.

Writing for NDTV, critic Saibal Chatterjee labeled the movie as “strangely static.” Though he claimed that the film initially “shows a fair degree of promise,” he added that it lacked a narrative to sustain itself.“Rockstar is a gig gone wrong. And that is sad,” he writes.

Raja Sen of Rediff has also high regards for the movie, he gave 4 stars put of 5 to Rockstar and writes, “Rockstar is a simple, unspectacular tale, sometimes even predictable, but director Imtiaz Ali [ Images ] masterfully weaves in details that draw us in.”
So, guys and their girlies, this is the movie for you and who understand cinema, wants to indulge in it passionately and feel a different being. It’s slow, won’t grow on you instantly, but starts enticing you with the end which you can see right from the beginning. It’s intriguing as you want to see it and feel it. Then at last you want to know why the journey comes to an end. We hope and pray it’s not the end for director Imtiaz Ali, who really took long to release the final product but it didn’t take much time for the movie to win us. Zeny D’Souza of Bollywood Frenzy salutes the director for presenting something like this for the true cinema lovers.

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