Salman Khan is trying to win a girl, who is she?2 Comments

By Zeny D’Souza
Posted on 25 Aug 2011 at 8:52am
Salman Khan is trying to win a girl, who is she?

Salman Khan is trying to win a girl, who is she?

The industry’s most Dabangg Khan is also the most charming one, single and content, Salman Khan is on a roll with slew of recent hits. Though the stories of his large-heartedness travel everywhere, no one knows what exactly his heart yearns for.

Salman Khan blames himself for his single status, but right now is trying hard to win a girl, who is she? Is she Katrina Kaif, who after her break-up with Ranbir is mingling up with Salman and is also doing a film with him? Well, we don’t know for whom Salman Khan’s big heart pines for.

During an interview with an entertainment channels he reveals that he is trying for a girl, but no luck. When asked, “A man in your position and with your looks can date any girl in the world? Suppose you could, who would you date?”

To which Salman answered, “Right now, you have no idea how much I am trying. Won’t tell you for whom, but no luck. Seriously.”

The video is available on YouTube. Check out the video here:

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