Salman Khan’s ‘Chillar Party’ to be premiered at IIFA Awards

Photos were posted on 06 Jun 2011 at 7:44pm
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Salman Khan‘s film Chillar Party will be premiered at IIFA Awards, announced the star at an event in Mumbai. Chillar Party is Salman Khan’s first venture as a producer.

Salman as usual spotted a Being Human T-shirt at the event. And the kids of Chillar Party (the child actors) were enjoying giving poses.

Chillar Party is actually a fun film about a gang of innocent, spunky kids named Encyclopedia, Jhanghia, Akram, Secondhand, Panauti, Silencer, Aflatoon and Shaol. The film will hit the theatres on July 8.

Here is the photogallery of the event:. Don’t miss Salman Khan and the kids

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