PHOTOS – Sexy Mallika in a Bikini Sizzles in Car Wash Scene

Photos were posted on 01 Sep 2011 at 3:25pm
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Mallika can never be too far away from controversy and skin show. The latest proof is her hot car wash scene in the film ‘Politics of Love‘. She has been residing in USA for sometime now, and it seems that she has learnt their seducing tips quite well.

She has upheld the glorious American tradition of washing a car in itsy-bitsy clothes!

In this scene too, she is wearing a sexy bikini top and seducing her co-actor Brian White. She is drenched in water and soap. From her facial expressions you may well be mistaken that she is enjoying washing car so much that she is having an orgasm. She said that she was not at all feeling hot and had to work in non-glamorous conditions. Mallika said, “It was a chilly day, the soap and water was dirty and I wasn’t looking very glam. In between shots, they’d wrap me up in blankets so my teeth would stop clattering.

A consummate and professional artist Mallika Sherawat is, she looks totally at ease amidst water, lather and cars.  ;)

Bravo Mallika!!! You endured cold, water and dirt to keep your lusty male fans HOT!

We can only pray to God that may her career takes off soon in Hollywood before she takes off another bit of cloth!

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