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Sameera Reddy Walks the Ramp for Shane and Falguni Peacock

Posted on 27 Sep 2011 at 7:00am
Sameera Reddy Walks the Ramp for Shane and Falguni Peacock

Sameera Reddy looks beautiful in a modern-day bridal wear by designer Shane and Falguni Peacock. The designers who made frills and layers famous in the international circuit have included the style to make a edgy bridal dress. Have a look at Sameera Reddy here and you decide how it looks.

Sonam Kapoor’s dazzling look at IIJW finals

Posted on 05 Aug 2011 at 10:30am

Ramp sizzler! Sonam Kapoor looks sensuous in red gown at IIJW Final day. But what looked most beautiful on her was an exquisite neckpiece. Sonam sported Paris-based designer’s “Queen of Night” collection which includes a neckpiece, which looks like a collection of floral branches, meticulously designed with rubies, diamonds and sapphires.

“The whole point of the look is very wild and other worldly. It reminds me of the Shakespeare`s description of Elizabethan age and their jewelleries. This one piece enhances your beauty. There is a special mechanism which makes the flowers open and close,” Sonam tells reporters after the grand finale of…