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By Zeny D’Souza
Posted on 10 Sep 2011 at 12:31am
Read the movie review of ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’

Read the movie review of ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’

Bollywoodfrenzy reviews Mere Brother Ki Dulhan for you – What happens when a boy meets a tomboy, sparks fly! We doubt…. Love blossoms only when they get to know each other. But what if that tomboy happens to be his brother’s dulhan?? Oh!!!! now that is a problem, confusion, commotion, emotion, heartbreak follows , but what turns out to be the USP of the film, is it’s freshness fused with vivacity. Thanks to Katrina Kaif for her strong yet vulnerable portrayal of a modern-day dulhan, Ali Zafar for his acting, comic timing and Imran Khan for his boy-next-door-meets-confused-lover character.

If you are thinking of the storyline, it’s simple age-old situation, a typical love triangle sorts that Bollywood keeps producing now and then. So what makes the movie watchable? New director Ali Abbas Zafar’s approach to the story, hilarious comic scenes and spoofs, and, and Katrina Kaif’s behatareen adakari, till date.

Yes, you can say that.. the actress who is now in the industry for almost five years continues to move in baby steps toward learning acting. She tries to do method acting and fails miserably at times, but we will give her points for sticking to the profession for which she is completely ill-suited. But bravo, Kat, you are improving and by the time you hit 30s we hope you learn acting and dialogue delivery.

Worried! Expecting a lot from the movie?? Well, let me tell you.. it depends on you, want to feel light and pass time this weekend, as most of our metro people think, ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ suits the need, perfectly. Moreover, Katrina fans will get to see her gesticulating properly in some scenes, at least trying to, for the first time.

Imran is no different, his charming face and lean bod make us feel as if he is the heroine, and tomboy Kat, the hero. Ali Zafar is the middle-man, not literally, his balancing act works in the favour of the film. But the poor guy doesn’t have much to do. Wait for a film like ‘Tere Bin Laden’, popstar from neighbouring country!

And do you want us to tell you how the cinematography is in the movie. What about the side characters, pace of the film, slow hai ki fast hai! Cut the crap… cinematography of any Yashraj’s film is always awesome, side characters are better actors than the main leads, so they are always good. And the movie is never slow! A lot can happen over a movie, isn’t it! Jokes apart, ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ is like a swing ride, as the situation gets tense in the film you have fun, and as the movie slows down a bit, we wait for another happening turn of events. Overall, it’s a nice package, decorated beautifully with some good things as well as bad.

Ifs and buts to bahut hain, but I especially liked the film because it appeared better than the new blockbuster ‘Bodyguard’ (little beter) Yes, yes.. you ought to stomach this fact! My interest in the movie was as it is, as it was in the beginning (except few moments) because I last saw Bodyguard, so it was definitely better than the last one.

Thus, no complaints guys, go and watch the film and fall for Katrina once again! Thodi acting to ki hai usne! Cheers and claps!

Rating - Two stars.. ting

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